Active holiday

Mountain Bike

The hinterland of Limone is already well known to those who practiced this sport for a while. It offers routes of every difficulty and with a variety of different places to ride through: starting from the shore of the lake, passing easy land roads as well as steep and narrow paths high up on the mountain-peak of more than 2000 metres. From cross country to free riding, from road cycling to downhill: your bike is your steed! for all kinds of bikers, all with a high adrenaline content.

Windsurfing & Kitesurfing


Explore the wonderful natural scenery of lake Garda on trekking, the choice of spectacular walks tours is simply endless! Everybody will find the right route with the difficulties for his level of experience. From extreme path to light ones for beginners is a real open-air-gym for every trekkers. Breathtaking views gratify you after a sometimes-extreme fatigue of some paths. Francesco organises also for our guests tours trough amazing paths of Parco Alto Garda. We would be delighted to advise you on planning and organising your individual outings in our region. Take your trekking shoes and come to visit us!


For the more daring climbers, but also for anyone, the north part of Garda lake offers more than 1000 different trails for sports climbing. Our area offers an excellent climb over quality, natural rock, sheer walls looking out over the lake and it's world wide known as one of the best climbing spot. Numerous via ferratas are safely accessible even to amateur excursionists. These itineraries allow excursionists to reach mountain peaks and places which were once inaccessible. Not only are they interesting for their beautiful natural surroundings, but also from a cultural point of view.